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Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set

Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set

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Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set

Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Transform Your Hair with Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set and Enjoy Healthier, Fuller Look!

"Got this huge bald spot and feel super embarrassed every time I tie my hair up. Until I tried Hairish™ essential set, I can already see baby hair growing in a week! By the end of the month, my bald spot was fully covered. AMAZING." 

-Jenny K. 

"After I gave birth, hair fallout was serious. I even noticed a bald spot lately and was super worried. Tried out Hairish™ Essential Set and the result is amazing! Leaves a super refreshing feel every time I wash and condition my hair. In a week, I can already see lesser fall-outs and hair was much healthier." 

-Katie O. 

What is Abnormal Hair Loss?

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it's abnormal to lose 100+ strands of hair per day. Abnormal or temporary hair loss can be due to many causes, including nutritional deficiencies, health conditions, medicines, reactions to hair products, stress, or pregnancy. Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set is the solution to all. Deep cleanse, nourish your scalp and hair in three steps. Bring your hair back to life in no time! 

How does Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set Work? 
These hair regrowth essential set based on Chebe come in a shampoo, conditioner, and oil serum, all of which contain a powerful herbal mixture and anti-hair loss components. These products can penetrate deeply into the scalp and attach to each strand from the root to the tip. They provide the hair with vital nourishment, allowing it to become stronger, healthier, and appear thicker in no time.

4 Key Ingredients in Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set

  • (Shampoo) Chebe Powder
    Mixture of hair growth herbal essence, including lavender, cherry seeds and resin tree sap. A popular hair regrowth and strengthening powder used within the Basara Tribe from Africa, Chad.
  • (Conditioner) Clove Oil 
    Key ingredient against balding. Effective in purifying scalp and strengthening hair follicle for minimising dandruff, preventing serious hair falls. 
  • (Oil Serum) Ginger
    Effective anti-inflammation and antioxidant, with obvious dandruff and sebum reducing results. 

  • (Oil Serum) Mugwort Leaf Extract
    Rich in Vitamin A, fat-soluble micronutrients for deep nourishing in healthy scalp and hair growth. 
The natural herbal ingredients infused in the set promote scalp health by fortifying and cleansing it thanks to their antioxidant and powerful antioxidant formulation. Providing your hair with better ground to flourish on to significantly increase a faster, healthy growth, reinforced one to prevent further breakage and constant fallout that leads to thinning and baldness. 

"Just finished my shampoo and conditioner set so I moved on and give Hairish™ African Chebe Hair Regrowth Essentials Set a go. The set was a super great deal and the textures of all 3 products are super light-weighted. Absorbs super quickly as well. In only a week, I can already see baby hair growing and was thrilled by the effectiveness.

As I used the set regularly for about 4weeks, I have noticed more hair growth, faster regrowth and thicker hair! I am very happy with my progress. Sparse areas are getting more and more fuller. You can baby hairs coming out again!

“Everyone must try this set! Cleanse super clean and refreshing, while resulting in a significant hair growth result. I cannot thank you enough, this saves my confidence and not to mention, made some very helpful products. Simply lovely, my hair is so thick bow compared to the balding me 2 months ago.”


  • Stimulate Hair Regrowth
  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Regenerate Hair Follicles
  • Detoxify Scalp & Regenerate Dead Skin Cells
  • Eliminate Dandruff & Oil Buildup

  • Key ingredients: Chebe powder, Turmeric powder, Clove oil, Coconut oil, Chinese Mugwort Leaf Oil, Lavender oil
  • Net weight: 100ml (shampoo, conditioner); 30ml (oil serum)
  • We recommend applying full set daily for the best result. (8 weeks as a complete treatment, may vary with the severity of hair loss.)
  • Apply oil serum on dry hair before sleep and slightly massage the area for the best absorption.

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